Here are a few Testimonials written by some of my hosting client. Feel free to write one yourself if you like 😉

4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Tim Snow

    “I have been working with Eli now for over 2 years. My relationship started as a result of my websites getting hit with viruses and Eli has what I consider to be one of the best plug-ins and service for virus removal. It’s an ongoing communication and relationship as his product improves and as my business grows. I now consider Eli to be not just a vendor, but a partner in my business as I now host over 600 websites with his hosting service. He has continued to provide top notch service especially when an emergency with my website has arisen. Additionally, he has consulted with me on programming issues, website coding issues, load time etc. providing timely advice, guidance & support. He is friendly, conscientious, personable, respectful, and conducts his business with integrity and with the spirit of servitude, putting his customers first. I consider Eli to be a trusted asset to me and to my businesses. Whether you’re trying to be a serious internet business or not, I highly recommend Eli’s services and his hosting & virus products & programming expertise. Thanks again, Eli!”

  2. Shane Geyer

    It has been a pleasure to work with Super Secure Hosting over the years. Eli and his team are AMAZING! I feel like I am their #1 customer. From custom server setup, hosting services, front and backend web development work, and anything else I have thrown Eli’s way, the work is always spot on. I really appreciate the excellent communication I consistently get from him, too. Great work, great service, and very fair pricing. I highly recommend!!

  3. Kim Hadley

    I started working with Eli 3 years ago when my sites were hit with brute force attacks and I discovered his Anti-Malware plugin. It fixed most of my problems but not all and I messaged him for suggestions. He actually modified his plugin to get the job done. Who does that for a free plugin? When he started Super Secure Hosting, I didn’t hesitate to move all my sites to his services! I have never been happier or felt more secure than with Super Secure Hosting. Even though he lives in a time zone 6 hours later than mine, he’s always been very quick to reply to my email cries for help. He’s good, responsive and provides a great service. I don’t have a negative thing to say about him, his work or his products.

  4. s.owens

    I ended up getting Eli’s anti-malware plug in originally and while asking him a question, he mentioned his secure hosting. The price was about the same with what I was already paying, the big difference for me is Eli’s customer service. As Shane mentioned, he is great at responding to questions and concerns and that is why I chose to move my site to his services. Keep up the great work Eli!


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