About SSH

This hosting service is perfect for people who have been hacked on their shared hosting plans or VPS and need a safer place to host their site. It’s way more secure than the shared hosting provided by any other host and much less expensive then any VPS of the same calaber.

Built on high performance Mac Mini Servers, CloudLinux is installed and configured in a unique way to be the safest and most secure environment for your webiste. This is a fully managed service with no control panel and each site is firewalled in it’s own secure area of the server. Ideal for WordPress but not for hackers.


  • I was first introduced to Eli when I found his incredible Anti-Malware plugin that ended up completely fixing really outdated website. I reached out to Eli for some assistance and not only did he get right back to me, but he solved my problems and then offered his super secure hosting services to me which I desperately needed. The customer service Eli provides is off the charts and the cost is way less then I was paying for my VPS Server from JustHost. That sever was horrible in comparison to what I have now performance wise and the customer service is leaps and bounds better. I have since updated my website to a new theme and Eli was there to help me whenever I needed anything. I can't recommend his services enough and only wish I found him 8 years ago when I started getting into this website stuff seriously. The amount of stress I have dealt with over the years being hacked, the server being down for some reason, and on and on. Now, I feel like I can just focus on creating content like it should be in my opinion. Thank you Eli for all you do, and I will recommend your services to anybody I come across with website hosting needs and malware issues. I highly recommend Eli's services and will use him for a new website I will be launching soon. Thank you again for everything Eli, and be well 🙂 Aloha, Jay
    -- Jason Hermann

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