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Super Secure Hosting was developed by Eli Scheetz in 2013 and is still family owned and operated today. Our unique hosting service is perfect for those who have had their websites compromised while on other shared hosting platforms or for anyone who just needs a safe place to host their websites. Our thoughtful and comprehensive approach to website security is so effective that we can guarantee: once your websites have been securely installed on our servers and thoroughly cleaned by our own proprietary software they will never get hacked again!

While much more secure than your typical shared hosting provider, our hosting is still much less expensive then any VPS of the same caliber. Built on high performance Servers, our custom platform utilizes cagefs and hardenedPHP installed under a CloudLinux kernel and configured in such a way as to be the safest and most secure environment for each of your websites. This service is fully managed and monitored by us, which makes it ideal for WordPress users and not suitable for hackers.

From one of our clients

  • I ended up getting Eli's anti-malware plug in originally and while asking him a question, he mentioned his secure hosting. The price was about the same with what I was already paying, the big difference for me is Eli's customer service. As Shane mentioned, he is great at responding to questions and concerns and that is why I chose to move my site to his services. Keep up the great work Eli!
    -- s.owens

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