About SSH

This hosting service is perfect for people who have been hacked on their shared hosting plans or VPS and need a safer place to host their site. It’s way more secure than the shared hosting provided by any other host and much less expensive then any VPS of the same calaber.

Built on high performance Mac Mini Servers, CloudLinux is installed and configured in a unique way to be the safest and most secure environment for your webiste. This is a fully managed service with no control panel and each site is firewalled in it’s own secure area of the server. Ideal for WordPress but not for hackers.


  • I ended up getting Eli's anti-malware plug in originally and while asking him a question, he mentioned his secure hosting. The price was about the same with what I was already paying, the big difference for me is Eli's customer service. As Shane mentioned, he is great at responding to questions and concerns and that is why I chose to move my site to his services. Keep up the great work Eli!
    -- s.owens

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